Appraisal Services

We provide all sorts of appraisal services, on all sorts of property, including commercial, industrial, agricultural, and development properties in rural Manitoba and Winnipeg. We have over thirty years of experience in real property valuation throughout Manitoba, as well as staff with agricultural backgrounds and formal education in agriculture from the University of Manitoba.

Our appraisal services include appraisals for financing, pre-listing and pre-sale appraisals, capital gains or V-Day appraisals, estate planning appraisals, divorce or litigation appraisals, tax appeal or expropriation purposes, and acquisition for treaty land entitlements. We also have experience in retroactive appraisals for a variety of purposes.

Replacement cost appraisals are required under the amended Condominium Act of Manitoba for condominium corporations, which we have experience in preparing. As well, these appraisals may be useful for other commercial properties in ensuring sufficient insurance coverage.
We have over 30 years experience in preparing and presenting information as an expert witness at numerous Boards of Revision, Municipal Boards, and Land Value Appraisal Commission (LVAC) hearings, as well assisting in litigation matters for disputes between shareholders or property owners. We have the knowledge and experience to represent your interests in these venues